About LTP Speak Visionary


Let the Prophets Speak is a vision led by Visionary Leader Scharita Lacey, a vivid Seer & Dreamer sense the age of 10. Scharita has prophesied into the life of others concerning health, wealth, destiny, children, marriages, finances and future events and has witnessed manifestation of these words from God. She has also experienced open heaven visions and dreams that have come to pass for the past 20+ years. Over the course of her life she has always had a very strong gift of discernment and an ability to understand the spirit world (angels and demons) at a very young age. Led to pray for others often God will release a word of warning, exhortation and comfort or a word of knowledge were she shares (even with strangers) and it is often the answer to what the person is facing or was seeking God about at that very moment. Guided by the Holy Spirit in all that she does, Scharita has purposed in her heart to obey God at whatever cost.


Let the Prophets Speak Movement comes to birth following many years of preparation and equipping in the prophetic. She has been called to empower, equip and pour into the next generation of Seers and Prophets to edify, develop, train and build them in God's Purposes and Kingdom according to the will of the Father and His Government and system.