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Ignite HOPE Foundation - Igniting Hope within Humanity 


"Responding to crisis and restoring broken souls, releasing the message of HOPE around the globe"


Women of Jewel - Bridge Program

Helping to restore and heal the soul wounds and physical wounds of broken women & families in the middle of a crisis and assisting with their transition from harsh life circumstances and events. Through resource support & referral and partnering agencies in the (Philadelphia, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana) territories.

Imagine Me Teens Enrichment Program

Customized teen enrichment program that seeks to develop and restore at risk juvenile teens girls ages 12-18 years old. This program can be offered through schools, juvenile systems, community agencies, churches and youth groups and it encompasses teachings in Identity & Self Worth, Positive Character, Gifts & Talents and Discovering God and pairs the teens with positive role models and mentors throughout the course of the program and for follow-up care.

The Colour of HOPE Platform 








Raising awareness and advocacy for children and families affected by Austism Spectrum Disorders.

"Removing the stigma and Releasing HOPE!"

Raising awareness and offering hope to families affected by childhood serious illnesses.


Hope Team(s) Global

Mission: Releasing the message of hope to those facing life-threatening illnesses, tragic deaths, social injustice, world crisis, local or national disasters and events


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"Compassion in Action, Social Justice, Hope Teams"