Beautifying the heart & soul of every woman!

Beatifying the heart & sould of every woman!
Our passion and heart's desire is to touch and inspire the SOUL of every woman that attends the WES weekend.  Leaving a positive imprint in her heart and inner being of her beauty, worth, and exceptional individual GREATNESS.

Our Summit focuses on the "Restoring the Total Woman" - (mind, body & soul)" so that she can UNCOVER her authentic self and stand within her own truth about herself - with courage, dignity, and bravery - and by owning who she is she is able to share her true beauty, heart and spirit with each person she encounters in her life daily.

WES weekend unites women of all faiths, ages, and backgrounds from across the United States for a weekend of empowerment and uplifting in their journey toward authentic living and their life's purpose.

Women are progenitors of life spiritually and naturally - we embody and embrace the essence of all human life and spirit. When women are healthy our families, communities, and world is healthy.


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Inspiring women to

Discover their authenticity,

Embrace their inner beauty,

& Live courageous!

Our Summit weekend reaches a diversity of women from all paths & walks in their life. Some are processing through grief, loss, disappoint, and life hardships. Others others are seeking to excel and reach their next level of personal potential in their personal life dreams, asiprations and goals. Some are hoping to come out of cycles of brokenness,  bitterness, pain, and abuse. Others are women who have reached a level of personal happiness and success and are inspired to reach back and help inspire other women in the journey of life..... and the stories go on and on each connecting the cords and threads of our hearts together as a collective body of BOLD, BEAUTIFUL, AND BRAVE WOMEN.

The Women's Empowerment Summit Weekend is for every woman - Wives, Mothers, Daughters, Aunts, Sisters, Grandmothers, Cousins, Sisters, Colleagues, Soror's, Friends!!!!

The Summit is an ideal event for leadership education, training, and development for; Sororities, Professional Women Organizations, Church Women's Ministries, Community Agencies for Women

Targeting All Ages: Mature, Middle Aged, Young Adult Women

There are specific opportunites for development, training, and coaching for MOMprenuers, authors, creatives, women in ministry, women in business, women in leadership, and leading ladies.


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WES Agenda

WES Women Empowered Weekend 

Faith & Inspiration Event, Courageous Women's Forum, Women of Influence Panel, VIP Luncheon, Breakout Sessions, Women's Mental Health, Vendors Showcase, Empowerment Service and more...

We are here to cater to you - to uplift your heart, restore your mind, and heal your spirit!

WES is what you have been waiting for to Discover your Potential, Reinvent, and Reaffirm your purpose, calling, potential, and passion. This weekend will help you find your inner voice of passion and inspiration for your life in your career & ministry, personal image & identity, marriage & family, and personal life goals.

Guests who register to attend the Summit Weekend are able to attend all "Open to Public" designated events. Each event is unique and will serve as a catalyst for what is to come next as apart of the Summit Weekend. The Summit events will all take place at the host hotel and conference center or in the specified location. There will be opportunities for registered guests to win door prizes, give aways from our vendors, and more.

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