Virtuous Women Network (VWN)




Who we are?


Women's Empowerment Organization Founded in May 2011

The Virtuous Women's Network (VWN) 
A International Faith Based Women's Empowerment Organization founded in 2011. The Virtuous
Women's Network is comprised of hundreds of women all across the U.S.A. and Europe. The VWN has
its roots in Midwest Ohio, where the network first launched and formalized its first group (Virtuous Wives
Group) in 2011. The Virtuous Women's Network has several 

Support & Enrichment Groups that meet virtually and in person
Women of Influence (business, government, politics, media, community)
Pastors Wives & Leading Ladies
Single Moms & Caregivers
Divorced & Widowed Wives
Warrior Brides
Prophetic & Creative Arts Gifts

The VWN has active membership and participants in all cities across the state of Ohio and in Georgia,
Florida, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Texas, North Carolina, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Delaware,
Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, California, Louisiana, Hawaii and overseas
Germany, Japan, Bahamas and London.

What we do?

We Train, Equip, Empower, Coach, Develop

Women into their next level of GREATNESS no matter their age, socio-economic status, background or where they are in their journey

We Rescue, Heal and Restore

Women back to their original state of Freedom and Deliverance in God

We Create Community

Hope, Healing, Love, and Friendship and Transparent Exchange

•Women of Influence (business, government, politics, media, community)

•Pastors Wives & Leading Ladies

•Single Moms & Caregivers

•Divorced & Widowed Wives

•Warrior Brides

•Prophetic & Creative Arts Gifts


We Support one another as

Virtuous Wives, Mothers, Leaders

Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs/Politicians

College Students and Homemakers

Philanthropists, Visionaries, Authors

 Psalmists, Creatives, Musicians, Singers, Writers

Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Apostles, Prophets/Seers

How we do it?

In Person Events and Activities

Annual Women's Empowerment Retreat

Women's Empowerment Summit

Support Groups & Enrichment Groups

Recreation and Outings

Empowerment Luncheon

Nights of Worship


Social Emotional & Spiritual Support  Virtual Events

Women's Empowerment Live

1-on-1 Ministry

Private Zooms


Prayer Calls

Outreach & Support 

Online Community  

Training & Mentoring


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